• Rajan Navani

The Future of Gaming in India – a strategic view for 2021-2025

Gaming’s rising popularity around the world during the pandemic is here to stay. If we look at the numbers, the mobile gaming industry will generate $77.2 Billion this year, an increase of 13.3% from the previous year. That alone should not be surprising as people find themselves indoors more due to the pandemic. But when combined with usage patterns, there is a dramatic increase in time spent mobile gaming. In India, there is a 37% increase. In Russia, that same number stands at 40%. Canadians are up by 39% as well. The total number of mobile gamers in the world this year? 2.6 Billion; and that’s just mobile gaming getting started. Most offline sports franchises have announced their eSports divisions, acknowledging competitive gaming as a mainstream sport. Here are some of the trends we’ve seen in 2020 that I believe are bound to stick.

Social gaming will challenge social media

Remember the days when Farmville was synonymous with Facebook? While gaming on social media has seen a steady downswing – the likes of Twitch and YouTube have taken over the mantle and used live streaming to drive gaming in social media. While the initial hardware required for gaming is still not accessible to all Indians – especially consoles – the rise of mobile games which are not heavy on graphics that allow for multiplayer gaming will be on the rise giving “Social Gaming” a new meaning.

Gaming will unite people, provide jobs, and fuel economies

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently spoke about the need for games based on Indian culture, values, and folk tales. He knew the value of hackathons, and how youngsters could find great opportunities in the industry. In Germany, the government has launched a large funding program, that will help companies reclaim as much as 50% of the development costs. India’s 23,000 vacancies in a growing gaming market in 2020 are testament to the future and potential of the industry.

Cloud gaming will make a big splash

Thanks to improvement in high-speed internet infrastructure and the imminent rollout of 5G technology around the world, the rise of cloud-based games is inevitable. By 2023 the market is set to grow to $3 Billion in Asia alone! Traditional hardware constraints like storage space and even processing power may slowly be removed.

Women will disrupt the gaming industry

Only 32% of India’s mobile gamers are currently women. With around 75% of the population using the internet daily, and the rapid influx of technology, low-cost devices, and high-speed internet, I am confident that the number of women in mobile gaming will rise significantly.

Rajan Navani is the Founder & CEO of JetSynthesys Private Limited, the parent company of PlayIzzOn Games.