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What is GPO (Gaming Process Outsourcing)?

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Today, the cost of game development is escalating in China, and India has been emerging as the hub for gaming process outsourcing (GPO) activity, catering to top gaming markets such as the US, Japan, and others.

Gaming Process Outsourcing (GPO), the outsourcing of various processes that are required for the development and advancement of a game, to third party companies which are specialized in the process.

With the world’s largest population of youth (two-thirds of our 1.3 billion people are under the age of 35), abundant talent in engineering, game design, art, technical and creative skill sets, and a professional aptitude to meet international game development needs at competitive costs, India has already begun its journey to becoming a hub of gaming process outsourcing.

Cities like Pune and Bangalore have a large pool of engineering/art talent that permits companies like PlayizzOn to address to prerequisites of the global gaming industry.

We have experience working with global gaming companies such as GREE and Mighty Kingdom, to name a few.

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